About Green Sun Phuket

Green Sun Phuket was formed in 2021, in partnership with Thai and foreign investors.  We are a Solar Hybrid Solutions company with a focus providing ‘green’ energy across Thailand using the latest Clean Energy technologies on the market.

The company is lead by Damien Brami, who established himself in Thailand since 2015. Damien went on to open his first Real estate business in Phuket in 2017 (DMI Properties), which is still in operation. Then in 2019 he opened a management company: Maintenance, Repairs and Rentals (EGM management), which is also still in operation.

the main objective of green sun phuket

The task has always been clear since conception of the our Solar Energy company

Green Sun Phuket Energy Saving

Clean & Responsible Energy

Our mission is to provide homes across Thailand with clean and responsible energy and to help cut down on ‘dirty’ energy use from fossil fuels, saving our customers money and helping the environment at the same time.

Cost Effective & Lasts Decades

We want to provide a cost effective way of producing, using, and storing clean energy for our customers homes and businesses, one that will see them save money and will last for decades to come.